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2009年 9月 26日(土曜日) 01:29 政治・国際



Yugratna Srivastavaちゃん

Yugratna wants children to join her to plant one billion trees in the country

Lucknow: Having set an inspirational example for children of the country by addressing the United Nations General Assembly on climate change recently, Yugratna Srivastava,13, now wants to plant one billion trees in the country. Delighted to have achieved such an honour, Yugratna shared her experience of the three-minute address to the global community with her teachers, schoolmates and the media persons here on Friday. There is a campaign of United Nations named a plant for planet… So it aimed…

Tarumitra “Friends of Trees”

『I am 13 years young Yugratna from organisation Tarumitra, meaning Friends of Trees, which is an NGO of 1600 high schools and involved in promoting environmental awareness.
I feel privileged to represent children and youth, 3 billion of the world’s population in this Summit on Climate Change.
I am so much concerned about climate change because I don’t want our future generations to question us just as I am questioning the need of more concrete action on climate change today.

The Himalayas are melting, polar bears are dying, 2 of every 5 people don’t have access to clean drinking water, earth’s temperature is increasing, we are losing the untapped information and potential of plant species , Pacific’s water level has risen, Is this what we are going to hand over to our future generations?

We received a clean and healthy planet from our ancestors and we are gifting a damaged one to our successors?
Is their any justice in this?

Honourable Excellencies, we need to call for an action now. We have to protect the earth not just for us but for our future generations.
If not here then where, if not now then when and if not us then who?

Please listen to our voices.
The future needs strong vision and leadership!

One month ago, we had a TUNZA International Children and Youth Conference in Korea.
The 800 participants and several thousands online developed a statement requesting you as leaders to: Agree on a more fair, just and action oriented post-Kyoto agreement adopted and implemented by all countries Not just formulate policies but also enforce them by translating them into actions.

1. Please stop the people who are making Mother Earth Cry.
2. Why cut the oxygen generating forests to create CO2 generating industries?
3. Include carbon and ecological footprint information in products.
4. Adapt to a green economy and sustainable production.
5. Develop a multi-national climate facility to monitor climate response strategies.

The high tech. society and currency deposits in bank are of no use if we don’t have a compatible biosphere.
In the awareness, it is not just about solving an environmental problem….
but it is exclusively about changing the mindset and attitude of people!

Educate students about the climate change by making environmental education mandatory at all the levels of learning.
To get a sustainable Earth, we don’t need to stop the developments. The need is quest and expansion of affordable eco-friendly technologies available to common man like energy Efficient Campuses, Bio-fuels and Renewable energy sources.

I just want to ask all the world leaders two questions:-
1. Do environmental problems recognize any geographical or political boundaries and age groups? My answer is certainly no.
This is why, we have the UN to talk each other about these issues. I request you to please include the voices of children and youth in all your decisions.
2. If national security and peace, and economic growth are priorities, than why not climate change?
I know that you all are great leaders but overall we all are humans. We all have a kind heart. I am sure that UN negotiations at Copenhagen this year will end with recommendations for good of humanity…and they have to.
Whatever has happened in the past is over.
We just have present and future in our hands.
Let’s act in the present to secure our future.
We have one Mother Earth: Care it and Share it.

Respected leaders, when you all make policies, please think of a child suffering in greenhouse heat and think of the species craving to survive.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Earth has enough to satisfy everyone’s need but no one’s greed”

A bird can fly in air, a fish can swim in water, a leopard can run far faster, But we the humans have been supernaturally gifted with mind….
a capability to think, change and reform ….
so come on let us all use these abilities to save our birthplace….
our home…. our mother earth!

Thank You !!!』

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